Kvirin, Ltd.

Kvirin, Ltd.

The KVIRIN limited company was founded in June 1995.

Since then it works in security market.
The basic direction of activity of the company is development, production and delivery of equipment both of own production and produced by leading world manufacturers.

Fields of activity:
• complexes of the automatic detection of means of unauthorized survey of information;
• complexes of automatic radio monitoring, radio control and bearing;
• equipment for search of channels of outflow of the information and detection of bugs;
• means of suppressing of radio microphones, dictophones, radio explosive devices;
• special means of security from outflow of the acoustic information on vibration channel, from listening telephone conversations;
• the shielded room for realization of confidential negotiations, guard PC and office equipment from outflow of the information on networks of power supply, grounding;
• crypto means of security information;
• communication means in the range VHF and UHF;
• the police equipment;
• equipment for surveying and registering of information (only for the Governmental law);
• the special software for protection from unauthorized access to information stored on PC, and for realization of external (through the Internet) and internal audit of computer networks.
Designing, assembling and exploitation security and fire signal systems, fire-fighting systems.
Means of video observation.
Аccess control system.
Server room.
Strip-chart unified computer places.

Contact information

  • Year of foundation: 1995
  • Website: www.kvirin.com
  • Email: kvirin@kvirin.com
  • Contact phone numbers: (044) 568-5745, 425-1291
  • Faxes: (044) 568-5745, 425-1291
  • Mailing address: 23, Pochaynynska St., #31, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine